EMGO Classic Shocks

The EMGO range of shocks for classic bikes are decent quality shocks designed to look similar to the Girling originals, and with the same 3-position preload adjustment. These are oil-filled emulsion shocks, and at least as good as many of the original units. Now made in the far east to keep costs down, the prices are very competitive.

There are more than 20 different shocks in the range, with a variety of length, spring and bush options, and of course with the choice of exposed chrome springs or full covers.

Lengths available are 11.9″, 12.4″, 12.9″ and 13.4″ (all measurements are centre eye to centre eye).

And there are six spring options – from soft (90lbs) to extra heavy duty (145lbs) to match original Girling specs.

Applications include: BSA A+B Group, Triumph 3TA/5TA, T110, T120, and there are two special shocks in the range: 12.2″ dampers/110lb springs with screw on yoke attachments to suit Matchless G3/G9/G11 etc, and an 11.4″ shock with 100lb springs which has a single (top) cover and long leg, and is suitable for many of the later BSA Bantams (D7 on).

The replacement black and chrome covers are a good way of refurbishing many old Girling shocks – but they don’t fit all Girlings so please use the dimensions on the picture to confirm they’ll fit!

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