Girling Open Spring Shocks

£119.96 ex vat -- £143.95 including vat.

The same old name but modern design, giving performance with classic style.

Available options:

G50320     12.4 inch     100 lbs
G50321     12.4 inch     145 lbs
G50323     12.9 inch     100 lbs
G50324     12.9 inch     110 lbs
G50325     12.9 inch     126 lbs
G50327     13.4 inch     110 lbs
G50328     13.4 inch     126 lbs


A good old British name now resurrected. Back in the day most British bikes left the factory with Girling shocks, which were fairly basic oil and air units. Then, maybe 10 years before they went out of business in the late 70’s Girling introduced a new range of gas pressurised shocks which gave a more controlled ride than the old twin tube design, and maintained their performance better when worked hard. The relaunched Girling range are also gas shocks, with further improvements.

These shocks have two features only normally found in more expensive units: The dampers are threaded allowing ‘infinite’ preload adjustment, and the eye-to-eye length is adjustable +/- 5mm from the nominal length.

With damper diameter of 32mm, slimline 51mm springs, and 10mm piston rods these shocks will give the right period look to most classic bikes, while performing better than the originals. Plus they come with modern durable polyurethane bushings with push in anodised alloy sleeves, in a universal bush pack allowing the shocks to fit to just about any BSA, Triumph, Norton etc.

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Additional information

Length / Spring Rate

12.4 inch / 100 lbs, 12.4 inch / 145 lbs, 12.9 inch / 100 lbs, 12.9 inch / 110 lbs, 12.9 inch / 126 lbs, 13.4 inch / 110 lbs, 13.4 inch / 126 lbs