Hagon Classic III Shocks


Quality shocks with the classic look

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Hagon road shocks are made in the UK to suit most twinshock bikes – probably the widest range in the world, with damper lengths from 255mm – 370mm, and spring ratings 56-250 lbs-in. These classic shocks have the standard Hagon 28mm gas damper with separator piston and a 3-position preload adjust cam. Top cover diameters are around 63mm, and the shiny parts are polished stainless steel rather than chrome for improved corrosion resistance.

These shocks will perform much better than most original classic bike shocks, the pressurised gas design giving a more controlled and consistent ride, although you should expect the ride to feel a bit firmer.

Although not rebuildable (the dampers are crimp-sealed around the shaft), they come with a 2-year unlimited mileage warranty.

Classic 3 shocks come with a choice of black or polished stainless steel dampers.

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