M-Shock 2L with length adjuster

£490.00 ex vat -- £588.00 including vat.

Shock Factory’s top of the range shock, the M-Shock 2 has separate thumbwheels for adjusting compression damping and rebound damping independently; and this M-Shock 2L model adds a damper length adjuster, which allows the seat height of the bike to be changed without modifying the spring preload. Mainly used in competition to modify the geometry of the machine, the adjuster is also very useful for tall or short riders.


The M-Shock ranges are based around a twin tube / sealed gas cell design, to ensure consistent performance plus a comfortable ride even when working hard and getting hot.

In addition to adjustable pre-load via a c-spanner, M-Shock 2’s have twin thumbwheels allowing the rates of compression damping and rebound damping to be varied independently. This facility is most useful for race or fast road use, when the rider has the time and knowledge to optimise the settings from the wide range available.

Spherical bearings are used wherever possible to ensure proper suspension freedom of movement.

Internal engineering and external finish are to very high standards, and each unit is individually tested on a shock dynanometer before despatch. The shocks are fully rebuildable, and supported by a 2-year unlimited mileage warranty.

All M-Shocks are built to order to suit rider (and passenger / luggage) weights. Delivery time is about 2 weeks.

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