Welcome to Bike Revival’s shop.

In the past we have taken all our orders via phone or email. We want to ensure that you get the right shock absorbers for you and your motorcycle or scooter. Right in terms of the correct fitment for your bike, with optimised spring strength to suit your weight, the right bushes so the shocks are ready to fit straight on, and the best performing shocks within your price range.

But a number of customers have said they know exactly what they want, and please could we just take orders on-line? So, while we hope that many of our customers will still value some discussion about the choice of shocks, we are now developing this website to take on-line orders.

To start with we’ve chosen HAGON as our first on-line range, as they are one of the biggest-selling brands, and of course made in the UK. Other brands will follow, but it will be quite a while before all our brands and their catalogues are covered.

A word of warning: many shocks are either built to order, or ordered in by us specially for you. This means that you cannot just send them back if you change your mind. We will have ordered them to suit your specific needs; so it’s important that you get the bike details etc right and choose the correct part. If in doubt, we are always happy to discuss any application.

‘BikeSearch’ above will let you see the choice of HAGON shocks available for your bike, or hit ‘Shocks’ to generally browse the ranges available ….