M-Shock 1 (rear) & 2Wins (front pair)

£700.00 ex vat -- £840.00 including vat.

Specially developed shock package for the Can-Am Ryker. Built to order at Mike Capon’s Shock Factory in France.


The M-Shock ranges are based around a twin tube / sealed gas cell design, to ensure consistent performance plus a comfortable ride even when working hard and getting hot. In addition to adjustable pre-load via a c-spanner, M-Shock 1’s have a single 48-click damping adjuster which maintains synchronised balance between compression and rebound damping, ensuring that all riders can set the bike up to suit their riding style. Spherical bearings are used wherever possible to ensure proper suspension freedom of movement.

2Win shocks are a major upgrade from most bikes’ original shocks, having both pre-load and damping adjustability. Shock performance is controlled via a 14-click damping adjuster, giving you a wide choice of setup options while maintaining the balance between compression and rebound damping. The ‘infinite’ pre-load adjuster compensates for different rider / passenger weights. The dampers are lightweight, machined from solid aluminium, and anodised for smart looks and long-lasting protection. Damper rates and spring rates are chosen to match individual motorcycle models, and the shocks are delivered with the correct fittings and bushes to allow easy mounting.

Internal engineering and external finish are to very high standards on both M-Shocks and 2Wins, and each unit is individually tested on a shock dynanometer before despatch. The shocks are fully rebuildable, and supported by a 2-year unlimited mileage warranty.

All M-Shocks and 2Wins are built to order to suit rider (and passenger / luggage) weights. Delivery time is about 2 weeks.

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